EBW Capital – Distribution Activities

Distribution of
Alternative Funds

EBW has been selected and appointed to act as Placement Agent for:

  • A very well-known Asset Manager of Private Equity FoFs and Co-Investments, with more than 20 years of track record and 25 bln USD AuM
  • a world-renowned Asset Manager of Private Debt and Alternative Fixed Income, established more than 25 years ago and currently managing in excess of 20 bln EUR AuM
  • One of Europe’s largest Asset Manager of fixed income, credit and alternative investment strategies – part of a large International Group – with specific focus for EBW on Private debt, HY/Loans for the Insurance sector; established in 2001 and currently managing in excess of 59 bln USD AuM
  • A global Real Estate Asset Manager with 79 bln USD AuM and a relevant European Real Estate GP with a track record of over 9.5 bln EUR transacted since 1995
  • One of the world’s top Financial Inclusion GP (social impact investing) with 11 bln EUR AuM
  • A series of PE Fund/Club Deals raising on various asset classes